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Wednesday, 25 June 2008 20:22

This document is a must read for all members.

Raid Schedule

  • Tuesday:  7:00pm to 10:00pm Server Time (CST)

  • Wednesday: 7:00pm to 10:00pm Server Time (CST)

  • Thursday: 7:00pm to 10:00pm Server Time (CST)


Expiation is an end-game raid guild. We consider ourselves a place for mature players and we abhor drama. Expiation was founded by a group of friends that have been in end-game raid guilds for a long while. We believe end-game raiding is about seeing all of the content Blizzard has to offer us and about  the acquisition of Morbidly Obese Loots!

Member Expectations

We expect our raiding members to:

  • Maintain good attendance of raids (75%) and to post to the guild forums if you must miss a raid or will be late

  • Pay monthly dues (TBD)

  • Utilize the required addons (EPGP LootMaster, epgp (dkp reloaded) and a boss mod addon)

  • Have the ability to listen to and follow directions on Vent

  • Show up to raid on-time, at the instance portal, willing to learn and with a good attitude

  • Be back inside the instance after any breaks, by the allotted time, ready to go

  • Communicate with an Officer if you must leave raid before the end of raid time

  • Be prepared for raid by researching boss strats prior to the start of raid

  • Keep up to date with information about your class/spec (rotations, gearing, etc.)

  • Be gemmed, enchanted, flasked and well-fed and if there’s a special buff item (such as Augment Runes in Warlords) to use that for each pull

  • Do what is required to keep your artifact weapon at an optimal level

  • Be polite to your fellow guild members

  • Be open to constructive criticism

  • Be a team player

What the Guild Provides

  • Flasks for raids. If you do not use your flask, you should keep it for the next raid or return it to the guild bank. Flasks are for raid use only and not yours to sell.

  • Food for raids. The guild will provide feasts.  However, if you want a specific type of buff food you will need to bring your own.

  • Potions. Members and Veterans can withdraw up to two stacks of potions from the first tab of the guild bank. It is expected that you only take what you need for raid days.

  • Gems and Enchants for raiding gear. Raiders should always have their raid gear fully gemmed and enchanted with the best gems and enchants available. Your guild dues go towards the materials so there is no excuse to not be fully gemmed and enchanted.  Gems and Enchants will be provided for off-spec gear as long as the player is willing to play their off-spec in raid when needed.

  • Guild funded repairs for Members/Veterans/Officers. It is expected that this will be used for raiding repairs on main raid days and not on every day of the week. Alts and Friends & Family do not receive guild funded repairs.

  • Open records of EPGP values, guild funds and inventory.

  • Also, the guild may provide specialty items for gear (e.g. primal diamonds, haunting spirits, spirits of war) for free or at reduced cost for main-spec raiders. The Officers will keep the guild apprised of the current policy for such items. Based on availability, these items may be available to Alts or Friends & Family for free or at a reduced cost. If interested, contact an Officer to determine the current policy.

Guild Structure

There are two Co-Guild Masters (Shintorg and Crystallyn).  They view the guild as a benevolent dictatorship. The Co-GMs have 52% of the vote on most all issues. The Co-GMs are open to discussion and others’ ideas, but the middle of a raid, especially during a particularly stressful encounter, is not the place to discuss such ideas. If you think your idea is good, by all means bring it up in a calm and organized fashion to the Co-GMs and/or Officers well before or after the raid and do so in private. If you feel something must be said during raid, please do so in a tell to the Co-GMs and/or Officers.

As mentioned above, the guild also has a group of Officers. These are people who have been chosen to help run the day-to-day business of the guild. The Officers Corps (the Co-GMs plus the Officers) perform varying jobs to run the guild. Some of these jobs include Raid Leading, managing the Healers, Tanks and DPS, managing the EPGP and Loot System, providing items to the raiders, keeping the guild bank stocked and managing guild dues. The Officer Corps is also available to listen to any concerns that guild members have, so feel free to contact any of the Co-GMs or Officers with any question, comment or concern that you have. The Co-GMs and Officers are there to help run things smoothly and to help people help themselves.

Along with the Officer Corps, Members and Veterans fill out the raiding ranks. When a person interested in raiding first joins the guild, they are given the rank of Member. Once a Member hits the benchmark of 75% 3-week attendance they will be promoted to Veteran. To remain a Veteran you need to remain above the 75% 3-week attendance benchmark. If you fall below this mark, you will be demoted back to Member. However, once you reobtain the 75% 3-week attendance benchmark, you will be promoted back to Veteran. If a Member drops below the 25% 3-week attendance mark, they will be pulled aside by the Co-GMs to discuss attendance. If attendance does not improve in a timely fashion they will be demoted to Friends and Family and no longer be considered a raiding member.

If it seems like a raider is not a good fit for the guild (based on such things like performance and/or attitude), they will be pulled aside and talked to privately by the Co-GMs. Usually they are given another chance to improve their performance and/or attitude, but if they do not they may eventually be asked to step down as a raiding member. At this point they can decide to stay in the guild as a non-raiding member (Friends & Family) or leave the guild and look for a raiding spot elsewhere.

Friends & Family are non-raiders that are here for the social aspect of the game--to run things such as heroics, scenarios, 10-mans and other events with us. At times they may be former raiders who have had to drop to a more relaxed play schedule due to real life circumstances. Friends & Family may participate in main raids, but only by special request from the Co-GMs with the understanding that Friends & Family will be last in priority for gear.

Alternate characters (Alts) are welcome in the guild, however, we are not here to gear Alts. They will not be taken to the main raid unless it is a benefit to the guild. For example, in Burning Crusade on Archimonde an extra shaman with enough health to live was almost always an asset. Alts are rarely taken to main raids, however, we do want to encourage our raiders to have a main alt that could be brought into the main raid, if deemed necessary by the Officer Corps. In order to gear up these alts, alt raids will be run on an off-night each week (TBD). We ask that raiding members who wish to participate choose one alt to be their main alt to bring to the alt raid throughout the xpac. If someone wishes to change alts, they must get permission from the Co-GMs. We ask this not to be mean, but so that the alt raid can keep progressing so that we can gear up our alts in case we need them in the main raid. If we do decide to bring your alt in the main raid, you will get EP for that raid on your main, but you will not be charged GP for items your alts have acquired. Alts will always be secondary to mains in acquiring gear.

Loot System and Rules

We use an EPGP loot system. EP stands for Effort Points and GP stands for Gear Points. GP is awarded when you acquire an item of loot during one of our raids. EP is earned by showing up and participating in raids. EP is awarded for being on time, staying the whole raid, hourly throughout the raid, and for guild accomplishments such as new boss kills and especially good runs. The guild's first mythic kill of a boss is also counted as a new boss kill. The values for EP and GP determine your Loot Priority (PR). PR is determined by dividing your EP by your GP. For more information on this loot system, read the EPGP wiki. The current addons we use to manage EPGP are EPGP Lootmaster and epgp (dkp reloaded). It is expected that all raiders have these two addons running during raid and keep them updated. EPGP values get reset at the end of each tier of raiding.

In Legion items have a chance proc an ilvl upgrade in increments of 5 up to max level. The base GP value of each tier will be as such--Normal: 100, Heroic: 300, Mythic: 500.  Each +5 to ilvl will cost 66 GP. The table below illustrates how ilvl relates to GP cost using the first tier of Legion raiding as an example:

Legion GP Cost.PNG

If you have already been charged full GP for an item in a particular slot, if you win another item in that slot that is of equivalent ilvl during the same raid tier you shall be charged 0 GP. If it is of higher ilvl you will be charged the difference as per above table (for example, you win something that is +5 ilvls higher, you will be charged 66 GP). Occasionally, at the Raid Leader’s discretion, awarding of loot may be determined without a strict consideration to PR. The Raid Leader may ask someone to pass on a item for the good of the guild. Gearing up the tanks helps the guild with progression. Also, if an item is a major upgrade for someone but only a minor upgrade for you, you may be asked to pass the item to them for the sake of progression. Veterans have priority over Members on gear, regardless of PR. Off-spec gear is charged 0 GP and is only awarded when nobody wants the item for main-spec.

Effort Points and Gear Points decay weekly by 10%. The purpose of decay is to discourage hoarding and to allow new members to catch up with other raiders over time. This system favors taking loot as it drops rather than hoarding points for one coveted item.

Special items such as rare drop mounts are awarded based on a “/roll x” where x is the integer portion of the player's current effort points.

The first of a crafting recipe that drops during raid will be awarded to a "guild crafter"--usually an Officer, but if none of the Officers’ mains have that profession, the first pattern will be awarded to a non-Officer guild crafter designated by the Officers. Guild crafters must be willing to craft items for other guildies and be accessible enough to do so in a timely fashion. Subsequent recipes will be awarded via “/roll 100”. Both Veterans and Members can roll on a recipe, but can only do so if their main has that profession and they intend to learn it on that character. Again, Veterans have priority over Members for dropped items. Recipes are not for your alts unless all mains already have that recipe and rolls have been opened up to alts. They are not to vend unless nobody needs the item for their main or alt.


With the change in rank structure, we will be tracking attendance more closely now. There will be an attendance spreadsheet that will be visible on the forums. On this spreadsheet we will keep track of raid attendance and also determine each raider’s 3-week attendance.

We expect raiders to post out (or late, as the case may be) in the attendance section on the forums for the raids they plan on missing. You do not need to tell us why you will be missing, but please be specific as to which raids you plan on missing. Saying “I’m going to be missing for a while” does not cut it. If you honestly feel there is something getting in the way of raiding for an extended period of time, please talk to the Co-GMs about perhaps taking a break from raiding. Telling some random raider to tell some Officer that you will be missing raid also is not acceptable. Even telling an Officer or the Co-GMs verbally that you are going to miss a raid is not acceptable (sometimes our memories just are not that great).  We know emergencies happen, but if it is not an emergency, please post on the forums that you are going to miss a raid.

For the purposes of tracking raiders’ 3-week attendance, each raider earns a value of 100 if they are on time. They get a value of 0 if they do not show up and do not post out prior to the raid. If they do post out for a raid, they will get a credit of 75. If you always post out for the raids you miss, you should never dip below the 75% 3-week attendance mark. If you show up late without posting you will get credit based on when you show up to raid. Also, if you leave raid without informing an Officer that you are going, you will get partial attendance credit as well based on when you leave. However, if it is due to something truly bad happening (like an emergency or power outage), if you explain to an Officer what happened the next time you see them, we will correct the attendance credit.

Switching Mains

Main switches are allowed only with approval of the Co-GMs. The role being switched to must be a role the guild needs. Veterans switching mains will be demoted to Member and their attendance will be reset. They will remain a Member until they meet the 75% or higher 3-week attendance benchmark required for Veteran rank. EPGP will be carried over from their previous main, however the new main will have to pay for each gear slot again.

Raid Conduct

Designated Raid Leaders lead the raids. During boss fights it is expected that you keep Vent clear, unless it is absolutely necessary for you to speak up. Playing with us and seeing how we do things will help you understand.  Tanks will be given targets and a kill order will be specified. Healing assignments will be given--while often loose with cross-healing encouraged, if you are assigned to heal someone, it is your job  to keep them alive. As DPS sometimes you may be assigned a specific job in a fight. If so, your priority is to make sure that job is done. Sometimes DPS are told to prioritize a certain mob. If that is the case, your job is to kill that mob, not to tunnel the boss. We do notice when people are not doing what is asked of them, so please make sure you are following the given strat.

The Loot Master (usually Shintorg) awards all items. If you pick up an item that was not awarded to you, whether by mistake or intent, you must return that item to the Loot Master or rightful winner within the two-hour loot exchange period. If you do not, you will be removed from the guild.

Sitting and Progression

To run a mythic guild, it takes more than 20 raiders. This is because people will inevitably have to miss raid for some reason or another such as illness, vacation, special occasions, familial duties, etc. Because of this, we need to have more than 20 people on the roster to make sure there are enough people each raid night to field a mythic raid. Unfortunately, this means that on nights when more than 20 people show up for mythic (or 30 for heroic), some people will have to sit. We do not have a bench—meaning we do not have a group of extra players that only get game time when the main people are missing. Instead, the Officers try their best to make it so that sitting is fair. Even the Officers sit from time to time. In general the Raid Leaders may stay in on all fights as they are usually needed to run the raids, though sometimes they even sit as well. In general the Officers try to make sure that the same people are not always sitting, at least on farm content.

Progression bosses, however, are a different matter. The Officers' main focus for progression content is that the guild progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that on progression fights, the Officers will take raiders that they think can best achieve this goal. What the Officers look for when making this decision is performance. That does not mean just DPS or HPS, but the ability to stay alive, follow instructions, perform mechanics and do jobs that are assigned to you. If sat on progression, it does not mean that you will never be taken to that fight, but it might be a week or two before you get to come in for it (based on whether or not the Officers feel that the encounter is still progression or not).

When it comes to farm content, the Officers use something called the the “All I Want” section on the guild forums to figure out which raiders to put in on each fight.  Each raid tier a new thread will be created based on difficulty (i.e. Heroic, Mythic) where raiders state which boss fights they still need loot from. It is expected that every raider post which bosses they need on this forum and keep this information up-to-date. This information greatly helps the Officers to determine the raid set-up for the boss fights. Posting on this forum does not mean that you will be in every fight that you request, but the Officers will try their best to get you in on most of them, if not that week, then the next.

Fine Print

Be a team player. The break up of a previous guild taught Expiation's leadership that appeasement of a good player with a bad attitude is deadly to the guild as a whole.  Our intent is to have a three strike policy regarding someone with a propensity to create raid stopping drama. People will make mistakes. People will get upset and take things too seriously and sometimes people will do dumb things and blow up over nothing because they are having a bad day. After your first strike, you will be taken aside and spoken to privately by the Co-GMs. If you continue to behave unacceptably, you will receive your second strike and be spoken to again. After three strikes you will be asked to leave the guild.

If you can control your behavior, we would love to raid with you. If you cannot, the other members of the raid do not want to be victims of your emotional fits. We will not be held hostage to any one person's capricious behavior. It does not matter how good of a player you are, the rest of us are here to have fun. If your behavior continues to interfere with this, you will be asked to stop. If you cannot control such behavior, you will be asked to leave.

Our main goal is raid progression, but to do so while having a good time, free from drama. We're always looking for exceptional players with good attitudes and the ability to be a team player. If you think this is you, feel free to apply! Thank you for taking the time to read our super long guild charter!


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